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Turning Horse Lovers Into Skilled Riders

Horse lovers come to Chaparral at Woodside in Woodside, California, with varying degrees of experience riding horses. We assess your student and place them into groups based on their skill level, riding experience, and age. Below are the different levels we have and a brief description of what is taught in each group.

Child with a Horse

Level One

Level one students learn the basic instructions for how to properly seat a horse. Once seated, they will be taught how to walk the horse and handle the horse. Our instructors remain by your child's side as they get familiar with their horse and are there to help them with any questions or concerns they may have.

Level Two

Your child will be in our level two group once they have learned basic horse handling techniques. These students are already familiar with the horse and are now ready for walking and learning how to post the trot while staying balanced and centered on their horse. Our instructors stay close at all times to guide your child throughout their riding experience.

Level Three

Students in the level three group are the most advanced and have mastered many of the basic horse handling skills. In this group, we teach students how perform a balanced sitting and posting trot, leg yields, head set, and collection. Your child will gain confidence in their abilities to work with their horse and perform these difficult moves.